DOX Patient Check-In

Coming Soon to a Waiting Room Near You

The new DOX Patient Check-In system received a stamp of approval from the many doctors and staff members who recently stopped by our booth at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry meeting in Cincinnati.  Many are eager to install the new Check-In system in their waiting room, anticipating that it will reduce congestion at the front desk, and at the same time inform and entertain their patients as they check themselves in.  

The DOX Patient Check-In system requires a touch screen monitor which can be placed on your check-in countertop or mounted on a wall. It will also need a separate workstation, which can be “hidden” in a cabinet or adjacent room and connected by an extended monitor cable. Larger offices or practices with multiple waiting rooms may want to use two or more touch screen monitors for the Check-In system. 

The Check-In system, which is priced separately from the DOX® software, includes a Help system and an automatic update program that can be accessed through the internet.  The Check-In system is being tested in select offices throughout July, and should be available for purchase in August. See the insert for pricing and hardware requirements. 


Welcome Screen

Offices can create their own flash file as a Welcome Screen, or edit DOX’s default Welcome Screen to fit their needs. Options include selecting a background color, a background image, text, font, color and display mode. 




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  Check-In Screen

DOX® allows several options to help identify the patient.  The most popular is the phone number, since adults and children can easily recall it. The patient can enter either 7 or 10 digits for the phone number.  If you live in a city with multiple area codes, you can enter these in the set-up section, and the system will apply the appropriate area code if the patient only enters 7 digits.  To identify the patient, the system will search through all 10 phone numbers of each patient in TPL.  If multiple patients have the same phone number, the system will prompt for the patient’s first name and then search through both first name and nickname to identify the patient.  Offices can also use birthdays and social security numbers for identification.






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    Results Screen

Once the system successfully finds the patient, a screen similar to this one displays and can be accompanied  by the sound of “applause” or other .wav sound files.  After 10 seconds, buttons appear for the patient to continue with the check-in process. 






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    Late for Appointment

While watching the Check-In demo, some front staff personnel asked us if we could display a message to let the patient know they are too late for the appointment. So we added this request as an optional feature. If the office chooses to use this feature, they can define the minutes the appointment is late, as well as edit the message.





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  Special Events

Offices can delight younger patients with the Happy Birthday feature.  If a patient has had or will have a birthday in a set number of days (defined by your practice), one of two birthday screens can display.  This birthday cake can show up to 13 candles!






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